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Syrian opposition unveils ‘transitional roadmap’ | Syrian Expert House

Syrian opposition unveils ‘transitional roadmap’

The Syrian opposition on Wednesday unveiled here a proposed “roadmap” to achieve “national reconciliation and justice” in the conflict-stricken country.

“The plan starts with the toppling of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government including his inner circle of military and security decision-makers,” Radwan Ziadeh, executive director of Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies, said at a press conference here.

“The new system will be dependent on the presence of people,” said George Sabra, member of the Syrian Democratic People’s Party, underlying the importance of the democratic reforms and pluralism.

Ahmed Jarba, head of the opposition Syrian National Coalition, Syria’s opposition umbrella group in exile, did not attend the press conference.

The 233-page document, drawn up by a group of about 300 Syrian human rights activists, academics, judges, lawyers and opposition figures, covers topics of constitutional, political, electoral, security, and economic reforms, and transitional justice in the post-conflict Syria.

The document stipulates a hybrid presidential/parliamentary system to achieve balance in state institutions; and under it, the security services will be restructured and cleansed of corrupt officials, and all armed groups will be disarmed, demobilized and reintegrated into the Syrian society.

The opposition also plans to form a “unified” national army from the officer ranks of the rebel Free Syrian Army in addition to retired army officers and remaining military officers, according to the document.

The Syrian opposition has for long asked the international community to back the rebels with arms and ammunition that could tip the balance in the battles in favor of the rebels; and it has stipulated the departure of Assad as a prelude to any political settlement.


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