Syrian Expert House Holds Meeting in Doha, Qatar

Expert House Discusses National Action Plan After Release of Syria Transition Roadmap


The Syrian Expert House held a meeting on November 18, 2013 in Doha, Qatar to study a future action plan, follow-up publications, expanding the discussion on Syria Transition Roadmap, and monitoring the implementation of the Roadmap’s recommendations on the sidelines of a large seminar on the transition in Syria held by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies.

A number of Syrian Expert House members participated in the meeting, including General Mohamed Al-Haj Ali, George Sabra, Faiz Sara, Fadl al-Shaqfa, Mohamed Sabra, Osama Kadi, Hassan Jobran, Omar Idliby, Gebrail Kourieh, Ghalya Qabani, Mazen Ady, Louay Safi, Hussein Amash, Hisham Marwa, Marwan Kabalan, Hamza Moustafa, Ekhlass Badawi, Amr al-Sarraj, Abdel Hamid Zakaria, and Radwan Ziadeh.


The main topics discussed in the meeting included how to open up discussion on Syria Transition Roadmap in the cities and provinces of Syria, in addition to working on printing a new edition of the report in greater numbers, distributing the edition in the liberated areas of Syria, and working to achieve international support for the plan so it can serve as a final roadmap for achieving the goal of the Syrian people: to establish a democratic nation.


The meeting resulted in a number of recommendations, the most important of which were:

  1. Revise and develop some portions of Syria Transition Roadmap to reflect the useful suggestions given by participants of the seminar.
  2. Work to prepare a new, abridged version of the roadmap to facilitate dissemination and enable the largest number of Syrians to read it.
  3. Work on producing films and documentaries on Syria Transition Roadmap for dissemination across a variety of media outlets.
  4. Work to expand the discussion on the Roadmap across various media outlets.
  5. Hold meetings on the Roadmap in Syrian refugee camps and with Syrian diaspora.
  6. Work to update certain aspects of the Roadmap, particularly security sector reform and economic reform, in order to reflect changes on the ground in Syria in the last few months.


The Syrian Expert House, in cooperation with the Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies, will prepare programs for holding a number of meetings and workshops on Syria Transition Roadmap inside Syrian cities and in refugee camps in order to broaden the debate on the roadmap to include all the components of Syrian society and the various political, civil, and revolutionary forces in the country. This will foment broad support for the roadmap as a substitute for the dictatorial regime established in Syria fifty years ago and lay the foundations of the democratic transition.


Members of the Syrian Expert House first met in October 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey at a conference widely regarded as the most inclusive gathering of the Syrian opposition to date. The Syrian Expert House was established by the Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies for producing thoroughly Syrian research outputs on the post-Assad political transition process in Syria. On August 14, 2013, the Syrian Expert House released Syria Transition Roadmap, a consensus opposition vision of the post-conflict democratic transition in Syria.