Syrian Center Supporting Opposition Interim Government

SCPSS Executives to Lead on Transitional Justice, Economic Recovery

Washington, DC – The Syrian Center for the Political and Strategic Studies is pleased to announce the appointment of two of its executive staff to leadership positions within the Syrian Opposition Interim Government, whose creation was announced last month in Istanbul, Turkey.

SCPSS President Osama Kadi and SCPSS Executive Director Radwan Ziadeh will take up positions working on Economic reform and Transitional Justice, respectively. Dr. Osama Kadi will serve as Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and advise Prime Minister Ahmed Touma on economic recovery. Dr. Radwan Ziadeh will serve as head of the Syrian Commission for Transitional Justice, a new entity established to lead on transitional justice in the liberated areas of Syria.


Upon his appointment, Dr. Ziadeh urged the international community and the Friends of Syria group to support the Syrian interim government in its efforts to provide aid and services in the liberated areas, saying “In this time of crisis, it more important than ever for the Friends of Syria to provide support for the Syrian people.” The Syrian Opposition Interim Government has, thus far, failed to receive the level of financial backing it says it needs to provide basic services in the liberated areas of Syria.