US Ambassador Commends Syria Transition Roadmap

Ziadeh Briefs US Official on Plan for Post-Conflict Transition


Washington, DC – On January 3, 2014, Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies (SCPSS) Executive Director Dr. Radwan Ziadeh met in Washington, DC with US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford to discuss Syria Transition Roadmap, a document recently published by SCPSS and the Syrian Expert House detailing the Syrian opposition’s vision of the post-Assad democratic transition in Syria.


Dr. Ziadeh outlined key aspects of the report, focusing specifically on security sector reform, national reconciliation, and means for preserving state institutions following the resolution of the Syria conflict. During the meeting, Dr. Ziadeh noted the memorandum of understanding recently signed by the Syrian Interim Government and the Syrian Expert House and also presented Ambassador Ford with plans for the immediate implementation of the report’s recommendations, particularly with regard to rule of law, security sector reform, and transitional justice.  Additionally, Dr. Ziadeh thanked Ambassador Ford for his dedication to the Syrian cause and the United States’ continued generous support of the Syrian people.


Ambassador Ford praised SCPSS and the Syrian Expert House for their work on Syria Transition Roadmap, calling the plan “a commendable effort.”


Syria Transition Roadmap is the result of a year-long consensus-building research process conducted by the Syrian Expert House, a group of approximately 300 Syrian human rights activists, academics, judges, lawyers, leaders of the political opposition, defected government officials, defected military officers, members of local revolutionary councils, and commanders of the armed opposition.