Syrian Expert House Members Attend Geneva II Peace Conference

Hafez, Sabra Provide Expert Support on Opposition Negotiation Team

Washington, DC – Prominent members of the Syrian Expert House returned to Geneva, Switzerland this week to renew their participation in ongoing peace talks between the Syrian opposition and the Syrian government. Dr. Hosam Hafez and Mohammed Sabra joined the opposition delegation in the first round of talks. Both Hafez and Sabra contributed extensively to the Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies’ report on the post-conflict political transition in Syria, Syria Transition Roadmap. Other members of the Syrian Expert House that contributed to the development of Syria Transition Roadmap and also have participated in the Geneva process include: Louay Safi, Badr Jamous, Rima Flihan, and Suheir al-Atassi.


In Geneva, Dr. Hosam Hafez will continue to provide expert advice on the political transition, relying on experience drawn from his former position within the Syrian Foreign Ministry. Mohamed Sabra, a lawyer, will provide expert legal advice to the opposition negotiation team.


The Syrian Expert House is a combined group of approximately 300 human rights activists, academics, judges, lawyers, doctors, opposition politicians, defected government officials, defected military officers, members of local revolutionary councils, and commanders of the armed opposition committed to holding periodic meetings to build a final vision of the transitional period and produce considered, deliberate recommendations for Syria’s political future.