Ziadeh Gives Syria Transition Roadmap Briefing in Gaziantep, Turkey

Washington, DC – On April 29, 2014, Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies (SCPSS) Executive Director Dr. Radwan Ziadeh participated in a seminar in Gaziantep, Turkey hosted by the Knowledge and Freedom of Expression Forum. The participants of the meeting included Syrian journalists representing new media initiatives such as Dawda Newspaper, Emisa, and Saida Souriya and Syrian activists that had fled Syria to seek refuge in Turkey. At the meeting, Dr. Ziadeh briefed the new media journalists and activists on Syria Transition Roadmap, a document recently published by SCPSS and the Syrian Expert House detailing the Syrian opposition’s vision of the democratic transition in Syria.


The three hour long discussion on Syria Transition Roadmap touched on every aspect of the Syrian democratic transition, including constitutional, electoral, and economic reform. Additionally, the participants considered means for ensuring Kurdish rights and representation in a future Syrian democracy. Dr. Ziadeh also outlined for the journalists and activists his plans for implementing transitional justice and national reconciliation programs in his capacity as president of the Syrian Commission for Transitional Justice.


Syria Transition Roadmap is the result of a year-long consensus-building research process conducted by the Syrian Expert House, a group of approximately 300 Syrian human rights activists, academics, judges, lawyers, leaders of the political opposition, defected government officials, defected military officers, members of local revolutionary councils, and commanders of the armed opposition.