Syrian Expert House Meets with Syrian National Movement to Discuss Syria Transition Roadmap


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On 14 August, 2014, Dr. Radwan Ziadeh, executive director of the Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies (SCPSS), met in Istanbul Dr. Emad Ad-Din Rashid, head of the political office of the Syrian National Movement, to discuss Syria Transition Roadmap, a document published by SCPSS and the Syrian Expert House detailing the Syrian opposition’s vision of the democratic transition in Syria. In the meeting the two parties conferred about methods to implement its recommendations, particularly Transitional Justice.


Dr. Ziadeh discussed with Dr. Emad Ad-Din Rashid the options proposed by the report to hold the crime’s perpetrators accountable. Especially the case of a military defector code-named Caesar, who had taken 55,000 photographs of an estimated 11,000 bodies in military hospitals and other locations in Damascus, Syria. The meeting deliberated means to utilize Caesar’s Case in the Syrian special court, which the Syrian Commission of Transitional Justice is currently working on establishing.


Additionally, the meeting addressed Syria Transition Roadmap and its recommendations on establishing an independent judicial system in the future. Furthermore, parties concluded the connection of such recommendations with the other aspects, mainly restructuring the security services and preventing Human Rights violators from impunity and from resuming any general position in the future.


Syrian National Movement is heavily active in the field of accounting Human Rights violations in Syria as they were the ones to leak those photographs and pictures of the tortured victims. The images revealed another level of cruelty practiced in regime secret detention centers and branches. Bodies showed signs of brutal beatings, strangulation, starvation and other forms of torture and killing.