Syrian opposition to form gov’t

Syrian opposition groups on Wednesday issued a declaration during a conference in Istanbul to form a government in exile.

The government will be established to rule the areas of Syria under its control and to win support from the international community.

More than 200 members has participated the three-day conference.

The conference focuses on transitional governance and management after the downfall of the al-Assad’s regime.

The head of the Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies (SCPSS) Radwan Ziadeh says civilians in “liberated areas” inside Syria are in great need of a government to provide basic needs.

And he adds a general assembly-in-exile will be elected.

“All the attendees, who represent all the political parties of Syria, agreed that a general assembly should be held and from this, the general assembly-in-exile will be elected. Such a general assembly should be held inside Syria in liberated areas if possible.”

Meanwhile, a preparatory committee has been formed to investigate the feasibility of an election.

He also adds that France and some Arab countries have urged the Syrian opposition to form a transitional general assembly.

However, another official from SCPSS says it is still unclear when the assembly will be launched.


CNC report from Silivri, Turkey